“Autobiografie & Retrospektive”        Rolf-Dieter Lenkewitz

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Cyberartis - computerized art - an art created with the aid of computer techniques

Among others my work "Male and Female Principle", mixed technique 1991, format 70x70 cm (see photo)mannweib, the content and format of which is expanded in an artistic  process by means of  computer techniques, reveals insights into the inner nature of  consciousness and its structures. The figured forms of this arise from  my quick manner to set signs. The movements of my hand in these actions  of draughtmanship mediate mental  projections from my biological cyberspace in medias of common  reality. The basis of my artistic method of working is to combine  intuitive and reflective senses. Thereby, for me, the reality of a  synthesis of intuition and analysis is created  in actions as quick as thoughts. I call this process a transmutation from inner worlds into mutually visible realities. After the  manifestation, as for example in oils on paper, I began to separate the  thus presented contents, forms and  structures and to modify them playfully. The phases of action which  remained hidden in the rapid flow of artistic movements thus become  visible. Each phase of action leads to a autonomous artistic result that I scan and digitalize by means of  computer techniques. The finished forms are colourfully varnished  and integrated into follow-up processes of three- to four-dimensional  concepts. The photos submitted convey an insight in these concepts. The  infinity of life is revealed, it is  like a diving excursion into the micro- meso- and macrocosm of my  existence.

Created 1992 by  Rolf-Dieter Lenkewitz

Art,  design, architecture, technology in bordercrossing strategies

New individual objects  and overall conceptions are realized by means of creativitv for various  tasks in the modern multi-media system.

My  artistic development includes different stages in the fields of art,  design, architecture, technology, electronics, didactics, philosophy,  lyric poetry, literature and many other fields. Over  the years a concept developed that manifests itself in some basic  realizations and is also commented on in my literary work.

I  would like to give you a short but overall insight in these basic  coherences. One of the most important  aspects is expressed by the term "Biological Cyberspace" that I have invented. I claim that the digital Cyberspace (virtual reality) is a  result of the biological Cyberspace existing in our brain. If we  translate the biological  Cyberspace with the well-known terms "inspiration, imagination,  intuition and association" we get a clear picture of the human powers of imagination which can be active with our eyes closed and without  manifesting any outwardly  visible motion.

I have come to this realization because it is one of my abilities to recognize structures and contents in a kind of  mental diving into my inner world of pictures in order to analyze and  modify them afterwards with great  clarity and precision. The fluent movements of the hand in rapid  graphic actions or in doing constructional geometry convey so to speak  the results of the biological Cyberspace in a commonly visible reality.
In this context today `s  electronic means represent a universal instrument which - with  improved possibilities - makes the transformation of the inner world of  pictures into the material reality possible and at the same time  contributes to it`s development. The fact  that the essential features of this cybernetically oriented approach originatedat a very early time in 1977, is also worth mentioning. At  this time the new science of Cybernetics and the new terminology  associated with it were still wrapped in  a utopian aura.

2x2 m wired quadrat-cubus, with hanging forms, extracted forms from manual  painting  are created in aluminium, cutting by water jet pressure plant (4000  bar)



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Entwurf  Psychoide Fraktale in Arbeit, eine Rohfassung des Buchprojektes kann ggf. übersandt werden.

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