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Elektronische Objekte

Eine ganze Reihe von Einflüssen führte dazu Glas- und Glasobjekte mit elektronischen Arrangement zu kombinieren. Zuerst einmal sind Glasflächen das ideale Medium, elektronische Komponenten zu schützen und gleichzeitig sichtbar zu machen, zum anderen ist die Weiterentwicklung zum Glasobjekt eine Möglichkeit über das raumgreifende Objekt eine logische und kreative Verbindung zur Elektronik und zu den damit verbundenen informationen herzustellen. Die von mir entwickelten Objekte stehen ganz am Anfang. Im Rahmen zweier öffentlicher ‘Kunst am Bau’ Wettbewerbe konnte ich zwei Prototypen im öffentlichen Raum plazieren. Siehe Untermenü.

Advice in urban  development /electronic art projekt with interactive lamps with computer steering

Since 1989 projects combining art & construction in Schleswig-Holstein (northern region of Germany) From 1989 to 1994 projects combining art & construction are created, which link art, design, architecture and electronic comprehensively and multimedia. Among others computer works of art in the public area and multimedia exhibition concepts, "water" being the topic, are created during this period of time. The projects are documented on a video cassette.

My artistic development includes different stages in the fields of art, design, architecture, technology, electronics, didactics, philosophy, lyric poetry, literature and many other fields. Over the years a concept developed that manifests itself in some basic realizations and is also commented on in my literary work.

I would like to give you a short but overall insight in these basic coherences. One of the most important aspects is expressed by the term "Biological Cyberspace" that I have invented. I claim that the digital Cyberspace (virtual reality) is a result of the biological Cyberspace existing in our brain. If we translate the biological Cyberspace with the well-known terms "inspiration, imagination, intuition and association" we get a clear picture of the human powers of imagination which can be active with our eyes closed and without manifesting any outwardly visible motion.

I have come to this realization because it is one of my abilities to recognize structures and contents in a kind of mental diving into my inner world of pictures in order to analyze and modify them afterwards with great clarity and precision. The fluent movements of the hand in rapid graphic actions or in doing constructional geometry convey so to speak the results of the biological Cyberspace in a commonly visible reality.
In this context today `s electronic means represent a universal instrument which - with improved possibilities - makes the transformation of the inner world of pictures into the material reality possible and at the same time contributes to it`s development. The fact that the essential features of this cybernetically oriented approach originatedat a very early time in 1977, is also worth mentioning. At this time the new science of Cybernetics and the new terminology associated with it were still wrapped in a utopian aura.

The glass surfaces are partially sandblasted with grains of varying sizes to create projection backgrounds which are still optically transparent for the viewer. The visual characteristics of the glass surfaces change depending on whether they are 'dynamized' by the projections. By innovatively linking technical processes in the fields of holography, electronics, television, solar technology and light & laser engineering, our intention is to turn the architecture of the multimedia pavilion into an interactive structure.
Depending on the time of day and the program selected, the glass surfaces change in response to whatever video images, holograms or laser and light effects are projected. The different programs are coordinated to create a balanced effect and are controlled by computer. In addition, the multimedia pavilion in Hanover designed for the'Expo 2000' is also linked in to a global multimedia event - a 'light' art object in space.

Entwurf  Psychoide Fraktale in Arbeit, eine Rohfassung des Buchprojektes kann ggf. übersandt werden.

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