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The  multimedia pavilion provides a link between the 'new media'


and recent findings in  the field of structural physics. The pavilion is intended to be a symbol for the global linking of, and  interaction between, different cultures.

The steel-glass  construction revolutionizes conventional visual perception and  represents a new dimension in architecture based on radical transparency and continual, interactive dynamics in the  area of the facade surfaces.

The glass surfaces are partially sandblasted with grains of varying sizes to create projection  backgrounds which are still optically transparent for the viewer. The  visual characteristics of the glass  surfaces change depending on whether they are 'dynamized' by the  projections. By innovatively linking technical processes in the fields  of holography, electronics, television, solar technology and light & laser engineering, our intention  is to turn the architecture of the multimedia pavilion into an  interactive structure.

Depending on the time of day and the program selected, the glass  surfaces change in response to whatever video images, holograms or laser and light effects are projected. The different programs are coordinated to  create a balanced effect and are controlled by computer. In  addition, the multimedia pavilion in Hanover designed for the'Expo 2000' is also linked in to a global multimedia event - a 'light' art object  in space.


Entwurf  Psychoide Fraktale in Arbeit, eine Rohfassung des Buchprojektes kann ggf. übersandt werden.

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