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Von 1983 bis 2004  sind  ca. 25 Zeitungsartikel, sowie zwei Radioberichte im NDR und in Radio Schleswig Holstein über meine Person und Projekte veröffentlicht  worden.

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Press Review:

KEMPTER JOURNAL (Southern part of germany)
Rolf-Dieter Lenkewitz works as a lumberjack in Allgäu. He feels it very positive  that he can work completely  indepentendtly, unrestrained by schools and styles.

Rolf-Dieter Lenkewitz, however, cannot be  categorized at all - he experiments in every direction if only it is  metaphysical enough.

FLENSBURGER JOURNAL (nothern part of germany)
Spring 1990
The  universal art work of Rolf-Dieter Lenkewitz in Flensburg The task to be  achieved was to bring painting, sculpture and architecture into harmony.

NEUMÜNSTER JOURNAL (nothern part of germany)
The  native of berlin, who has already created a more than appreciated  artistic landscape in a Flensburg hair-dressing saloon, combines in his  object in the lehmkul-school art,  design, architecture and technology to an overall concept

The artist R.D.Lenkewitz and C. Kalko presented the interactive touring  exhibition "Water is experience, art and life" in Mainz (location:  Stadtwerke Mainz AG/energy  & water supplier)

A multimedia talent renders  functional rooms into walk-in works of art, he wanted to call upon  multilayered thinking here

 Saturday, 13 April 1996
Marbacher Journal/Local News

Expressive examination of the human body
Rolf-Dieter Lenkewitz presents new  works of art in Marbach,
the native town of Friedrich Schiller

The painter born in Berlin  in 1958, preferably deals with the human body. Though Rolf-Dieter  Lenkewitz works on this subject in a quite expressive manner. Figures do not appear in ideal or transfigured beauty, the artist has rather  carried out enormous reductions and  abstractions, so that the human being is often only visible in  outline. Lenkewitz uses clear lines and achieves a certain way of  graphicness of his works.
Next to dealing with the human figure,  Rolf-Dieter Lenkewitz' works of art are  remarkable for the increased inclusion of architectural elements.  With this the painter from Großbottwar has created a considerable  intensity in his works of art.
It is not the painter's point at all  to paint a very faithful copy of  subjects found. The shapes of a building are only indicated and are  in the process of disappearing. The human being also appears as a  transitory creature in front of such a background.

Flensburg Journal/Local News
An ambitious project: old myths, philosophy and pieces of  association
The universal art work of Rolf-Dieter Lenkewitz in Flensburg The task tc be achieved was  to bring painting, sculpture and architecture into harmony. The  result is impressive. It can be regarded as a possibility to  integrate art into the working world without creating the usual kind of  "decoration". The starting point for this artistic work is the painting  of this young artist who had  come from Berlin to Stuttgart. Combining various media is typical  for his method of working; this is how lyric poetry, iron sculptures and highly individual painting with oil paint on paper are created. The  important thing that matters to him  here is to visualize thoughts which often show mythical  associations. When Lenkewitz portrays a "cybernetes", which shows a  helmsman, he is looking for symbols for the individual with his  confrontation to society. Some of Lenkewitz'  other pictures are based on archaic myths, as for example "The Aztec Dream" or "The Norns" (Edda-Saga). He also shows other intellectual  starting points, Teilhard de Chardin's idea of the "Mesocosm" or also  Heisenberg's "Blurred Relation of the Spirit" determine his artistic thinking.












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