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Objekte und Skulpturen in Stahl, Glas, Aluminium mit elektronischen Komponenten

Nirostahlplastik für die Schleswag AG “Spannungsgefälle zwischen zwei Punkten”





realized  light-object 3m high. illustrate edda nordic saga
WCF art event, named sculpture garden, initiated by Mrs. Scheuer
illuminated and painted film pyramid with metal framework,
3,50 hight. abstract  figures: assoziation to Gilgamesch Saga

Objekte aus Stahl




Concept art:  'Light art-object in space'

The history of art has been written for thousands of  years on  the surface of the earth. Its contents and its symbolism have not  been restricted to the earthly sphere, however, in their manifestations  they have been bound to it by gravitation. It was not until aerospace  had been developed that  possibilities arose to transpose objects and actions of art into  space and in the universe.

The 'light art-object in space', which developed out of the R.D.L. series of objects entitled 'Multimedia  objects on land, in water and in the  air' is an art-object which will be transported by shuttle to an  orbit close to earth, and is intended to be a global symbol of the  conquest of space by art. Another aspect is that my object and the  events associated with it exist under a  motto formulated by myself as follows:

'Crew of the  spaceship Earth,

unite in peace

for the future of your  flight.'


This statement characterizes humanity's current situation and is an appeal to us to construct a cosmopolitan  consciousness. It will be imprinted on the sides of my light  art-object. Art-object and motto will then undergo a global, televisual  symbiosis in the year 2000 for the opening of the Expo in Hanover.  Television images of my  luminous art-object suspended in space will connect up with the  multimedia pavilion and will be broadcast throughout the world. Inside  the pavilion itself, images of the multimedia pavilion, the motto and  the light object  suspended in space will fuse together simultaneously on a giant  screen.

The history of art has been written for thousands of  years on the surface of the earth. Its contents and its  symbolism have not been restricted to the earthly sphere, however,  in their manifestations they have been bound to it by gravitation. It  was not until aerospace had been developed that possibilities arose to  transpose objects  and actions of art into space and in the universe.

Entwurf  Psychoide Fraktale in Arbeit, eine Rohfassung des Buchprojektes kann ggf. übersandt werden.

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